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Service creates value, cooperation and win-win future

Guangdong Yingtuo Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. Our company has the right to operate import and export. Under the Ministry of Import and Export Trade, Storage and Transportation Department, customs brokers, and fleets, the company implements foreign trade from the mode of “signing to delivery, integrated operation”. The company has gathered a team of exporters who are proficient in business, stressing credibility, and have been in the field of foreign trade for more than ten years. The credit status of each bank has been good, and the SAFE and customs records are good. Since its establishment ten years ago, the company has been engaged in import and export business for many companies and enterprises in Guangdong and the whole country. It has won the praise of customers and the good reputation of the industry with the service of “professional, honest and efficient”.

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Provide freight forwarding, export declaration, import and export license application, business inspection, bank letter of credit settlement, document production, export collection, export verification, export tax rebate, export insurance and other professional one-stop services

Our company adheres to the philosophy of “playing all our advantages to provide quality services to our customers” and uses this as the development direction of our company. With China's accession to the WTO, many companies or business people want to develop overseas markets. They have products and customers, but they don't understand the operation and skills of import and export practices, or suffer from no import or export rights or import and export channels. Many trade opportunities have been lost in vain.


Therefore, our company is currently using its own proficient and familiar with the advantages of import and export trade, and actively expand the "import and export agent" business, while providing a full set of import and export operation services, while using its own advantages to reduce costs and benefit and customers, to quality service And the preferential price to win 100% customer satisfaction. At present, our partners have spread all over the world. We are laying a virtuous circle of corporate atmosphere and creating more outstanding achievements for the future development of the company with a more professional and professional attitude.

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