Company brand

Service creates value, cooperation and win-win future


Ying: full, accumulating. Extension: opening up and expanding.

Implications: Continuous development, deep cultivation and professional development of the industries selected to engage in, and to achieve good social and economic benefits.


Extension: Development. Exhibition: Development.

Implications: Persevere and persistently develop and develop a career.


Bao: Turn waste into treasure. De: fulfilling the social morality that enterprises should do.

Come: We turn waste into treasure, and fulfilling good social morality will come naturally and naturally come.

Bouteille There is a "bottle" in French.

Implications:Persevere and unremittingly develop and develop a career.

Expand Yinghui

Expansion: Perseverance, development and development. Yinghui: Perseverance, rich and brilliant.

Implications:Persevere in pioneering, to develop a career, and to regard it as a lifelong goal of continuous efforts, perseverance, will be able to achieve fruitful results.