Promote employer brand and promote school-enterprise cooperation

发表时间 :2019-03-30

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On March 27th and 28th, 2013, Expanded Industries participated in the “42nd Large-scale School-Enterprise Talent Cooperation and Exchange Meeting” sponsored by educational institutions and the “2013 Dongguan School-Enterprise Cooperation Fair” organized by Dongguan Human Resources Bureau.

At the exchange meeting, the representatives of the extended industry spoke enthusiastically, and in-depth analysis and discussion of the current employment situation with the participating schools, reached a consensus on how to better promote school-enterprise cooperation, work-study integration, and build an internship employment supply and demand platform, and obtain intentional batch labor. Several units of transport units. After the meeting, the Ministry of Personnel Administration carried out a summary of work, focusing on the “Double Labor Transfer” training school. The school and enterprise conducted follow-up communication, inspected the company's production and living environment, and learned about the future development scale and recruitment needs of our company.

In order to better and prospectively complete the recruitment work, the Personnel Administration Department has continuously explored recruitment channels, increased the use of social resources, and prepared for the recruitment of new jobs in the second half of the year.