Cleaner Production Work Enters the Acceptance Link of Provincial Expert Group

发表时间 :2019-04-09

作者 :

With the consent of the Provincial Committee on Economy and Information Technology, Dongguan Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Environmental Protection Bureau and Science and Technology Bureau organized the examination and acceptance of cleaner production enterprises on November 19, 2013. Participants in the acceptance were representatives of the Provincial Cleaner Production Association, Dongguan Economic and Credit Bureau, Zong Xing Environmental Protection Technology, a technical service unit, and an invited expert group composed of the director, professor and associate researcher of South China University of Technology, Sun Yat-sen University and Guangzhou Institute of Energy, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Experts and leaders of competent departments attended the meeting heard our company's report on cleaner production audit work, inspected the production site of enterprises, consulted relevant information, after careful discussion and evaluation, formed the following opinions on expert acceptance:

1. Pay attention to cleaner production and conduct cleaner production audits voluntarily. Enterprises abide by national and local laws and regulations and discharge major pollutants up to standard. The content of the audit report basically meets the standard requirements.

Second, the company's technology and technology are advanced, and energy and environmental management are more standardized. The energy saving and emission reduction effect is obvious through the implementation of such schemes as installing boiler flue gas steam generator, adjusting speed electrical equipment, installing frequency converter, raw material air supply system, installing dust recovery and treatment device in bottle workshop, and comprehensive treatment of tail gas of heat setting machine.

3. The company started this round of cleaner production auditing in April 2011. According to the cleaner production auditing procedure, the cleaner production work has been comprehensively promoted. After evaluation, 42 cleaner production schemes have been screened and determined, and all of them have been implemented. The cleaner and production audits have been completed as planned.

At the same time, the expert team gives the positive opinions on acceptance, and also puts forward further improvement suggestions, requiring that part of the plan be refined and the audit report be improved.

After receiving the suggestion, we will continue to promote cleaner production as planned.