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Service creates value, cooperation and win-win future

      Guangdong Yingtuo Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. was established on April 15, 2010. It is a collection of investment in the development of renewable resources, environmental protection, new materials, green environmental protection industry, industrial investment, real estate property investment, beverage and food, professional market, development, import and export. International trade is equal to one, a diversified group company with certain competitiveness.

     The company integrates design, research and development, production and sales with high technology as the main body, transforms technological advantages, brand advantages and resource advantages into industrial advantages and competitive advantages, and strengthens talent gathering and corporate culture construction, and explores a resource saving and sustainable development. the road.

      Yingtuo (Group) Co., Ltd. has two wholly-owned companies: Dongguan Development Industry Co., Ltd. (National High-tech Enterprise), Xingning City Development Yinghui Resources Co., Ltd.; Holding Company: Dongguan Meikang Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., Dongguan City Bodybuilding Food & Beverage Food Co., Ltd., Dongguan Jiameng Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Baodelai Resources Recycling Co., Ltd., etc., to achieve a group management system model.

      The company takes "green recycling and renewable resources industry as the guide, realizes the recycling value of renewable resources, and achieves comprehensive operational benefits and social benefits", and regards energy conservation and environmental protection as the driving force for the survival, development and growth of enterprises, with efficient coordination. Dedicated to and focus on waste resource recycling and recycling of renewable resources, through comprehensive network online + offline waste plastic recycling, using advanced technology and high-precision product testing equipment, with strict testing standards and control to enhance products Quality; through the environmental protection of intelligent automation, specialization, refinement, comprehensive processing and utilization and harmless clean disposal, complete the conversion of waste energy; through the scale and product line extension, effectively realize the management optimization of production and sales operations To enable the limited resources to maintain value and increase value in the recycling cycle, it provides effective support for comprehensive utilization of resources and environmental protection, and contributes to the sustainable development of regional circular economy.

       Yingtuo (Group) Co., Ltd. has consistently adhered to the principle of green environmental protection and renewable resources, and has invested in the industrialization of renewable resources. It has flattened the management tenet of “win-win cooperation, innovation and development”, and takes renewable resources utilization and environmental protection as its own responsibility. Create ecological and natural harmony and assume corporate social responsibility.