Industry-University-Research Cooperation

Service creates value, cooperation and win-win future


The center is mainly engaged in applied basic research and technology development research on the recycling of waste plastics. At the same time, it combines research to promote the cultivation of senior professionals. The main research contents include:

1. Analysis and testing of waste plastics;
2. Development of food grade recycled PET plastics;
3. Modification of waste plastics;
4. Participate in the formulation of corporate technology development plans;
5. Assist enterprises to declare various scientific research projects;
6. Cultivate and deliver high-level engineering and technical personnel and management talents.
The center relies on the Materials College of South China University of Technology and Dongguan Development Industry Co., Ltd., which has a series of advanced instruments and equipments for the preparation, modification, structure, performance and molding processing of polymer materials, including the Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR) of Nicolet Company of the United States. Thermal analysis system (MDSC, TGA, DMA) of American TA Company and Germany NETZSCH, high resolution pyrolysis gas chromatography-mass spectrometer (HRPyGC-MS) of American HP Company, gel permeation chromatography of Viscotek Company and Waters Company of USA Instrument (GPC), Netherlands X'Pert PRO X-ray diffractometer, American Rubber Processing Analyzer (RPA2000), German Huck Rheometer, American Rheometrics Rheometer, British Instron and German ZWICK Universal Material Testing Machine, Japan Island Jin Company capillary rheometer, UK Marlven and American Beckman particle size analyzer, UK FFT cone calorimeter, horizontal vertical burner and oxygen index meter, Germany ZWICK digital impact meter, Italy CEAST thermal deformation instrument, American Qpanel company Advanced instruments such as ozone aging test chamber and ultraviolet artificial environment test chamber, as well as a variety of rubber and plastic molding processing equipment The open-roll, vulcanizing machine, curing, a twin screw extruder, injection molding machine, and various physical and mechanical properties of rubber testing instruments.