Persevere together and overcome the epidemic

发表时间 :2022-05-14

作者 :广东盈拓

Since March, the menacing Omicron has "raided" Guangdong, and the epidemic in Dongguan has been repeated. Normal activities in Schools, shops, and enterprises have been interrupted. People in the city do not go out unless necessary. People in Dongguan City united to fight the epidemic. From temporary closure to regional nucleic acid testing, multiple rounds of nucleic acid testing for all staff have been carried out in several towns and streets, in response to Guangdong's "fast control" speed to resolutely block the risk of virus transmission and race against the virus.



In the important stage of epidemic control, a large number of manpower needs to be devoted to epidemic prevention and control in order to reduce the work pressure of medical staff. Dongguan Tokzin Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tokzin), a subsidiary of Intop Holding, is a local enterprise in Dongguan. We have a deep sense of social responsibility to our city. In order to relieve the pressure of epidemic prevention work in Chashan town, a team of nucleic acid testing volunteers was quickly established to fully support the epidemic prevention work in Chashan.

The volunteers of Tokzin started to work from 7:30 in the morning, and carried out identity verification, nucleic acid sampling, and order maintenance at the nucleic acid testing site. They gave patient guidance to those in need on the spot and open up green passages for the elderly, children, and people with disabilities. In the face of the incomprehension of individual residents, they did not complain. They overcame difficulties with enthusiasm and patience, obeyed the arrangements, assisted committees from the town and village to do various tasks, built a strict line of defense to block the epidemic, and won the unanimous praise from the district staff.


As of March 26, Tokzins nucleic acid testing volunteer team has sent 63 volunteers to participate in 9 rounds of nucleic acid testing services.

Tokzin has been actively fulfilling its social responsibilities, giving full play to the leading role of party members and volunteer service, participating in the joint prevention and control work of the town, working together to build a tight line of defense for epidemic prevention and control, and contribute to epidemic prevention and control.

It is everyone's responsibility to prevent the epidemic. Our volunteers support the Chashan government in fighting the epidemic with real actions. They demonstrated the responsibilities of Intop and Tokzin with their actions. At the same time, they were also praised by the village committee of Chashan, Dongguan City, where the company belongs.


People from Intop and Tokzin have always been concerned about the society and have the society in mind. In the severe stage of epidemic prevention and control, we have never been absent! This power may be meager, but it is also powerful and inspiring, and it represents our strong sense of social responsibility!

Thanks to our volunteers, Intop and Tokzin are proud of you!