Gary will attend online discussion on PET bottle recycling design-label Topic

发表时间 :2022-05-25

作者 :广东盈拓

On March 31, 2022, the CSRA group standards "Guidelines for the Recyclable Design of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Containers and Packaging Products", "Guidelines for Recyclable Design of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Containers and Packaging Products" and its online press conference of recyclable design evaluation project was successfully held.


As one of the judges of the Recyclable Design Guide, Gary Lau, President of Intop Holding, participated in the online conference and gave a speech about the necessity and meaning of the recyclable design of PET container packaging products for the development of the plastic recycling industry and the high-quality utilization of plastic recycling. In the speech, Gary pointed out that Intop has developed maturely in the traditional application mode of recycling and reusing waste plastics into recycled polyester staple fibers. And our fundamental purpose as a deep cultivator in the recycling industry is to realize the same-level utilization of waste plastics, that is, the recycling of bottles to bottles. And this also depends on the quality of the recycled bottle source. Therefore, the recyclable design of container packaging has an important impact.

Since then, PepsiCo in mainland China and Swire Coca Cola in HK have successively launched label-free beverage bottle designs, which have made a splash in the market. The wash-off label developed by UPM Raflatac is the development trend and focus of attention in the global market.


With the release of the "Recyclable Design Guidelines" and the move of world brands to respond to the tide of the times to launch eco-friendly label packaging, there has been a heated discussion.


As a firm practitioner of PET circular economy, Gary Lau, President of Guangdong Intop Holding Co., Ltd., will be invited to participate in the online symposium on PET bottle recycling design organized by Petco China on May 26 to discuss the promotion of recyclable design in China, especially labels field, the local challenges faced and countermeasures to conduct online seminars. In order to promote the industry to accelerate product design improvement and jointly transform to a plastic circular economy.

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19:30-21:00 on the evening of May 26


Introduction to PET bottle recycling process


PET bottle label recycling design discussion

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