Intop Holding joins hands with Coca-Cola

发表时间 :2022-06-24

作者 :广东盈拓


The Beijing Winter Olympics, a carbon-neutral green feast.At the same time, it is also the first Winter Olympics in Olympic history to achieve carbon neutrality.The tenet of "low-carbon operation and green Olympics" runs through the whole process of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee minimizes carbon emissions through measures such as low-carbon venues, low-carbon energy, low-carbon transportation, and low-carbon offices. At the same time, carbon offsets are realized by means of forestry carbon sinks, corporate donations, and guiding social actions, thus ensuring the smooth realization of the carbon neutrality goal of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Intop Holding, as a pioneer in the environmental protection industry, joined hands with Coca-Cola to clean up the venues of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, helping to demonstrate the goal of "sustainable and future-oriented" for the Winter Olympics!


The waste plastic bottles collected by Intop personnel in the venue will be transported to Intop's green sorting center. Waste plastic bottles will be individually packaged into pure white and blue-green bottle bales through the steps of unpacking, label removal, optical sorting, and AI intelligent sorting, and then sent to Tokzin Yinghui for processing into AAA-grade pure white bottle flakes, blue White bottle flakes and pure green bottle flakes for downstream manufacturers to process into different products: AAA grade pure white bottle flakes can be used to produce preforms, PET sheets for blister packaging and filaments; pure green bottle flakes can be used to produce colored Filament, straps, etc.; while the blue and white bottle flakes will be shipped to Tokzin Industrial for the production of recycled polyester staple fiber.

In the Beijing Winter Olympics, Intop has the opportunity to work with Coca-Cola to clean the Olympic venues. It is based on the trust foundation established by long-term communication and cooperation with the Coca-Cola brand, Based on Coca-Cola's recognition of Intop's corporate vision of "Bring Plastics into harmony with people and nature", based on Coca-Cola's in-depth understanding and recognition of Intop's PET recycling traceability system.

In order to realize the high-quality utilization of PET bottles, Bouteille Recycling, a subsidiary of Intop, has established a number of green sorting centers in the Greater Bay Area through its own recycling system at the source. We are the first enterprise to invest in the world's leading optical sorting equipment and sorting robots in the green sorting centers in China, through professional standardized recycling management system operation, reduce secondary pollution, ensure stable output of high-purity, high-cleanliness 3A-grade PET pure white bottle bales, and lay a solid foundation for high value-added utilization of PET bottle recycling.

High-quality PET bottle bales will be processed into different grades of bottle flakes according to different raw material grades and colors on the basis of the principle of harmless treatment, so as to achieve "best use" and achieve effective resource recycling.


It is also this determination to deeply cultivate in the renewable resources industry, as well as the management model and hardware facilities at the forefront of the industry, that have won the recognition of our fellow traveler, Coca-Cola, and have been able to help the Winter Olympics implement the goal of "sustainability and future"!

"Developing a circular economy and building a green home together" need everyone to work together!