World Oceans Day——Intop will work with you

发表时间 :2022-06-08

作者 :广东盈拓

At the 63rd United Nations General Assembly, the United Nations designated June 8 every year as the World Oceans Day, and this day is also Chinese "National Oceans Publicity Day". The purpose of establishing Ocean Day is to hope that all countries in the world can take this opportunity to pay attention to the ocean on which human beings live, appreciate the rich value contained in the ocean itself, and also examine the problems of global pollution and excessive consumption of fish resources to the marine environment and adverse effects of marine life.


The establishment of World Oceans Day has built a platform for the international community to address ocean challenges, and also provided a new opportunity to further publicize the importance of the ocean and raise public awareness of the ocean in China.



June 8 this year is the 14th "World Ocean Day" and the 15th "National Ocean Publicity Day". The theme of the Ocean Day during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period is "Protecting the Marine Ecosystem, Harmonious Coexistence between Man and Nature". In order to form a strong synergy for the whole society to care about the development of marine undertakings and to build a marine ecological civilization.


The main crisis our oceans facing is the influx of a large number of discarded plastics, which leads to the destruction of marine ecology. Plastics account for the largest, most harmful and most difficult to decompose part of marine debris, accounting for at least 85% of the total marine debris. 

According to statistics, nearly 8 million tons of waste plastics are dumped into the ocean every year, and about 90% of seabirds which die on the beach are killed by swallowing plastics. It is predicted that by 2050, plastic pollution in the world's oceans will increase by four-fold. the amount of plastic waste will be more than the amount of fish!


The ocean that breeds life is being eroded by plastics!

It has been verified that the recycling of plastics from the sea and oceans can effectively reduce the amount of plastic waste and prevent waterways, lakes, rivers, marine water bodies and marine organisms from being polluted by plastic waste.

As a pioneer in the environmental protection industry, Intop has always been the guardian of the blue ocean.

At the same time, Intop is also the first company in the Greater Bay Area to obtain the Ocean Bound Plastic Certification (OBP Certification), and actively recycle plastics within 50 kilometers of the coastline.


We always put the corporate vision of "bring plastic into harmony with people and nature" at the top of the list, and participate in the activities for ocean protection with practical actions. We also hoped that through this initiative, it will have a positive impact on the whole society and allow more companies and citizens to participate in the protection of our oceans and marine life.

Intop is located in Dongguan, the core location of the Greater Bay Area, at the mouth of the Pearl River, where the ocean and river meet. There are huge quantities of discarded plastic bottles on coastlines, beaches, and offshore bodies of water. Intop has always insisted on recycling and reprocessing waste plastic bottles in the region, providing recycled PET materials for downstream chemical fiber, packaging and other industries. Our AAA grade recycled PET bottle flakes, recycled eco-friendly chips, and 1.1-20D recycled polyester staple fibers have all been verified to contain 100% recycled plastics. which can meet the different raw material needs of downstream manufacturers and brands.

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Green Intop, Reshape the blue planet

Intop has always been a loyal guard of the ocean, and hopes to gather the powerful forces of the whole society to care about the ocean, and protect the ocean through its own perseverance!

World Oceans Day, from today, different choices and actions will bring our blue planet back